Growing closer to god

Grow Closer to God?

“Then he said to them all: ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.’” Luke 9:23 (NIV)

Have you ever found yourself longing for a deeper connection with God, but you just weren’t sure where to even begin?

If you’re worried I’m going to tell you I have a long and overwhelming list of things I do every day to feel closer to Him … don’t be. Honestly, I just ask Him to renew me and shape me into the woman I need to be as I get into His Word. And I commit to following hard after Him, no matter what.

This helps me grow ever closer to God — pressing into Him so He makes the deepest impression on me.

In Luke 9:23b, Jesus tells His disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” His words seem surprising at first. The disciples had already given up everything to follow Jesus. Or so it seemed … Family. Friends. Jobs. The comforts of home.

Yet, we find Jesus telling them the cost is going to be even higher than they had anticipated. The disciples aren’t being asked to lay down some things. They are going to need to lay down everything. Their plans. Their agendas. Maybe even their own lives.

And while it might sound like a lot to ask, because of their willingness to continue following hard after Jesus, they will experience a level of closeness with Him unlike anyone else.

Closeness when they take communion with Jesus before He is crucified. (Luke 22:12-20)

Closeness when He bends low to wash their feet. (John 13:1-17)

Closeness when He eats with them after His resurrection. (Luke 24:36-43)

Closeness when they’re among the first to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:1-4)

So not only did they have the promise of eternity with Him in heaven, they also had the privilege of experiencing unparalleled intimacy with Him on earth.

Could they have received any sweeter gift?

This is what my heart hungers for when it comes to the Lord. I want connection. I want communion. I want closeness. Not only in a distant, heavenly future, but right here. Right now.

That’s why I’m so thankful Jesus’ invitation to the disciples in Luke 9:23 is for us, too. Jesus also invites us close. Which means we, too, are called to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him.

I realize “taking up our cross” may sound strange or vague at first, but for me, it has meant breaking old habits to create space in my heart for new growth. It has meant moving beyond a “plastic” Christian checklist: Go to church. Read the Bible. Don’t cuss. Be nice. Pray. Give to the poor … and instead, letting God mess with any and every area of my life.

It has meant things like offering Him my willingness to step away from TV for a season, fixing my eyes on Him first in the morning (instead of checking email and social media), and allowing Him to call me to a new level of discipline in my eating habits. I’ve offered up these things because I long for an ever-closer walk with Him.

I don’t know exactly what following wholeheartedly after God will look like for you. But I do know that if we want to grow closer to God, we’ll have to distance ourselves from whatever is distracting us. We’ll have to lay aside whatever we are prone to delight in more than Him.

Let’s ask God which distractions we need to distance ourselves from in order to grow closer to Him, and then let’s do the hard and holy work of denying ourselves. Because a deeper level of intimacy with Him will always be worth the cost.

Lord, show me what stands in the way of intimacy with You, and give me the strength to lay it down — for a season or maybe even forever. I long to be closer to You. No matter the cost. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.D8E1096D-A851-4D09-8E87-C2C9853DABBD

Patience Is A Better Friend Than A Foe

34032F97-891F-4EBC-8E3A-94ED27021318It is just hard, hard, hard to be patient. It’s so easy to be frustrated and even jump the gun on situations that involve time, and ending up making poor decisions.  But learning to be competent in the skill of patience is a secret that people who accomplish great things in life know well.

All of us want the same things, in general, in life:  great relationships and families, a meaningful job, enough money to make our way, good health, self-improvement and a way to give back to the world. And each of these endeavors requires a certain amount of planning, resource, support and time, for them to work. Patience is about handling the time element. 

We can’t ignore or rush time. It is just too important. We have to adapt to it, and not oppose it, to get what we want.  

Time is the process of events that makes it all happen well: 

  • It takes time to cook a great meal. The oven’s heat mashes all the ingredients together in the oven, and in a while, a great meal comes out.  
  • It takes time to go on a fitness plan and then see results.
  • It takes time to create a project at work, and then launch it, hoping it will bear fruit.
  • It takes time to find the right relationship, and then develop it in a healthy way.

And for most of what matters to us, there is no shortcut, no “microwave” to any of these. If there was, we would probably have discovered them by now. 

Patience is simply the act of mentally making friends with time. That is, not fighting the process, not ignoring it, and not rushing it. But adapting to time’s requirements while being happy about it. Here are some tips to help when you find yourself frustrated by time:

Determine how important your desired outcome actually is to you.   Sometimes we get bent out of shape about a desire that’s really not worth that kind of mental expenditure.  It’s one thing to learn to be patient about seeing if your work project will bring results in time. It’s another to see if Netflix will continue a show you like for another season. Just consider the value of what you’re working on. 

Establish as much planning and control as possible on the outcome you desire. It’s one thing to be impatient with ourselves in getting in shape, or finding a relationship, when we haven’t taken some risks and made some effort. We should actually be a bit impatient with our passivity, solve that problem first, and get moving. But when we have done the work of planning and controlling whatever we can in the goal, just the knowledge that we have done our part can help us be more patient.

Have your “internal thinker” help your “internal feeler.” Our brains have both rational and emotional parts to them. Frustration with how long something takes is a feeling, not a thought. When you find yourself frustrated, just remind yourself on a thinking level, that you have a plan and a hope, and that your efforts and your patience will hopefully be worth it all. That can often increase patience, and decrease impatience.

Engage in something else that’s current. Nothing makes us crazier than obsessing on the plan, or the person, or what results aren’t happening now.  When our mental energy is focused primarily on the future outcome we want, instead of what’s happening today, it can lead to feelings of powerlessness and lack of contentment. So return to the “now” in your life:  the activities and conversations that bring you joy and are productive for you.  Sometimes it helps to find things that have an instant result as well: a conversation with a positive person, a walk outside or tv show you enjoy.

Vent to a safe person. We are more likely to be impatient when we don’t share our frustrations with others. It is a kind of isolation, and isolation never helps anything. A brief conversation with someone who “gets you”, even if they can’t help you speed things up, will strengthen your patience.

Nothing that truly matters is instant. And everything that matters requires time. Learn patience, and the passage of time waiting for results, will be your friend, not your foe

Taryn C Naidoo

Google vs god

Google vs god

I’m curious…

 Where do you immediately turn when you need help?

In this digital age, many of us grab our phone or computer.  We quickly Google a question to find out the answer.  

When my babies have a fever.  Google will tell me what to do.  

My daughter is getting bullied.  Google will offer me advice from child development experts. 

I need something gluten free to make for dinner.  Google will give me delicious recipes to choose from.  

while technology can be a blessing, it can also be a curse. The curse comes when we turn to Google before we turn to God.  

We need God, not Google, first.  

*     *     *

Consider the beautiful verse from Psalm 121:1-2, “I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”  

Today’s mom, if she were being honest, might find the following statement more of a reality: 

“I turn my eyes down to my phone – where does my help come from?  My help comes from Google, the holder of all information.”  

In this screen-driven world, we can get our wires crossed.  The answers to your family’s problems aren’t found on homepages or search engines.  The answers you need are found in the ancient pages of God’s Word and by speaking to the source of wisdom Himself.  

James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”  

In other words, when your toddler is screaming or your teenager is rebelling, ask God for wisdom first.  Have a conversation with your Heavenly Father and He will give you wisdom for your life and leadership at home. 

Challenge: When you need help understanding your life, when you need patience for your girl when she gets under your skin, it’s time to pray.  Don’t turn to the advice column or psychologist first.  

Action Step: Instead, ask God for a dose of wisdom. 

Scripture tells us again and again that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. That fear doesn’t mean you’re scared to talk to God as if He were waiting with a lightning bolt to zap you.  The fear of the Lord is a deep awe and respect for His name.

You recognize that He is God, and you are not (and neither is the phone in your pocket).    

Our phones are becoming increasingly important.  A global study suggests that nine of ten people under the age of thirty suffer from “nomophobia” which is the fear of being disconnected from our gadgets. We rely on the data on our phones to make decisions from where we should eat to where we should send our kids to school. I’m not saying it’s wrong to Google information. I’m just saying we must be careful to depend on God first, not technology. 

What’s true of us becomes true to our children

If we struggle with nomophobia (the fear of being without our phone), guess what?  Our girls will probably struggle with it too.  

As information is instant and tailor-made for exactly what we want, there is less that’s unknown.  We check the weather, traffic, and school updates at our fingertips. We have more confidence and more control – and less need for God.  

Think about it.  Could you go a whole day without talking to God?  Probably. Could you go a whole day without your cell phone or Wi-Fi?  Ouch, that would hurt more wouldn’t it? We are ever dependent on our calorie trackers, social media posts, playlists, texts, and emails.  

Instead of nurturing a dependency on the Divine, we’ve nurtured a dependency on data.  We talk to God once in a while at our convenience, but we need our phones and devices 24/7.

Living in a digital world as a mom can be frenetic, fast-paced, and overwhelming.  Being online constantly throughout the day is not calming.  

Remember the words of the Psalmist:  I lift my eyes to the mountains.  You don’t have to wait until a vacation to experience the calming effect of being in nature.  You can talk a five-minute prayer walk around your home or simply look outside the window as you talk to the Creator of it all.  There’s a richness only silence and stillness offers but we seldom have the patience to wait on God in our Insta world.            

Today our idols aren’t golden calves or wooden images.  

But maybe they’re phones and tablets and laptops and flatscreens.  

Of course technology should be used and can be used for good in your life as the mother and mentor of your girl.  But if you follow the culture’s growing dependence on technology, you won’t need God nearly as much as you need WiFi.  

It’s time for us to go against the grain and make sure God comes first, way before Google.

salt without savor… The world without a savior

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men. You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on a stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. -Matthew 5:13-15 NIV Salt makes a big difference in the taste of our food. If you picked up a salt shaker, sprinkled your baked potato liberally, took a bite and tasted no salty flavor, you would probably do one of two things… either you would salt the potato again, or you’d sprinkle a little on your hand to taste the salt itself. If it didn’t taste like salt, you would throw it out. It would be worthless to you, right? Do you turn on a light, then cover it with a bag? No, you turn on a light so that everyone in the room can see. So it is with you and me. Jesus says that we are “the salt of the earth” and the “light of the world”. We are to make a difference in the “flavor” of our world. If we make no difference, we are like salt that has lost its flavor – worthless. If we hide the light of Jesus in our lives, we leave those around us in darkness. Salt and light. Things that make a difference. Things that have flavor, substance, effect. Salt and light. People that make a difference. People that are different. People that have flavor, substance, and have an effect on the world around them… people whose very lives glorify God. This is what Jesus is saying here… that we must be different… that we must be involved in the world around us, but stand out from that world in a way that makes people want to know what we have that they don’t, and then make them want the same thing. One of the most damaging things we can do to the cause of God is to sit back and do nothing when evil is going on around us. That is almost as bad as committing the evil ourselves. What did Jesus do when He saw how men had made an evil place of the Temple in Jerusalem? Did He shake His head and cluck His tongue, then go on about His own business? Did He go away and pray for God to intervene supernaturally and stop the moneychangers? Did He talk to His friends about how terrible it all was, but do nothing about it? No. He took action. He cleared the Temple, turned over tables, told the people that what they were doing was evil. In the same way, we – as His people – must take a stand for what is right and fight what is wrong in our world. We must speak out. We must get involved. But one caution – when we do make that commitment to make a stand for God’s way, we can not try to fight that fight with the world’s methods. If we truly love Him, we must let our light shine for the world to see, and not let that light be overshadowed by actions, words and methods that merely mimic what the world would do. Instead, we must seek God’s way of righting wrongs, God’s way of fighting evil – because His way is the only way that will truly win those battles. Do you want to be salt and light to those around you? Then make a commitment to take a stand against the evil being done in our world, and make just as strong a commitment to taking that stand God’s way.  Taryn Naidoo





Modern day Ruth

Have you had more than one heartbreak? Do you end up getting taken for granted, cheated on, used and abused or abandoned?

  Something has to change, girlfriend. Choose to break the cycle. You have the power to change it..You. I learned this the hard way then I finally understood that the one who needed to do the changing was me. Only a fool keeps doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. There are always going to be men out there who treat women badly. You need to get wise and make the changes. Stop lowering yourself to accept less than what you are worth.

  Is this you? Always dishing out the love and pouring yourself all in, only to be left disappointed, hurt and broken? Here’s the wisdom I learned from some of my own mistakes and research:

  1. Stop treating yourself like you belong in the bottle  store . Place your self worth like the finest jewelry in a premiere display case where it’s guarded and protected for safe keeping, like at Browns diamond . You ought to be shining in God’s light, safe in His arms. You are a daughter of the Most High God. What are you doing cheapening your worth?

2. How you dress on a date matters. If you are grabbing his attention by showing off your breasts, legs, and butt, you are asking to be consumed like a cheap 99 cent chapped bubble gum ,Men who are looking for wives don’t date women who dress like a one night stand. Your form and shape can still be appreciated while being dressed in modest clothing. Modesty doesn’t mean grandma style. A godly woman should dress in something flattering but does not take away her virtue or worth. Remember, you don’t have to show all the goods because a real, good man is what you want to attract, not a man who is lusting for temporary pleasure.

3. How you allow him to treat you once will most likely continue…

Don’t get out of the car until he opens it for you.

Don’t walk through the door unless he opens it for you.

Don’t sit down until he has pulled the chair out for you.

Don’t respond or speak unless he is using manners.

Don’t let him talk to you unless he is talking to you like you are a lady. Don’t accept profanity from him in your presence.

Don’t get out your wallet to pay the bill- especially if he asked you out.

Be up front about your expectations. Tell him you are a lady and you expect to be treated like one. He will appreciate your honesty and expectations. A man who is really interested in long term relationships will always abide by your expectations. A man who’s just a charmer won’t act or talk like a gentlemen consistently. He won’t honor you at all times. Time reveals if he’s for real.

You are not an animal, so don’t allow him to pet you like one. A godly man will respect your body and won’t be groping and trying to wear you down for sex.

Don’t allow him to treat you with violence. Not ever. Let him know that the first time he raises his hand to hurt you or hit you- will be his last. You will walk out the door if he threatens you with violence.

There are no second chances for lying, stealing, cheating, or beating. Honor him by telling him that you take being truthful and being honest in a relationship very seriously. Liars, beaters, and cheaters don’t make good husbands.

4. Stop dating men who need saving. You are not called to be his missionary. You are seriously fooling yourself and setting yourself up for an unequally yoked relationship if he is not already living his life for God. A God-sent man won’t need fixing or saving. It’s delusional for you to tell yourself, “if I pray for him enough and love him enough he will change.” Honey, all men have some good qualities but that doesn’t mean he’s marriage material. When God says to not be unequally yoked, it’s for your own good and protection. I have counseled so many women who are miserable in their marriages because he’s still not saved. They pray 50 years waiting for his salvation. It’s a lonely marriage. God never intended for a woman to have to be the spiritual leader in the home. You will not get that dating an unbeliever. If he’s not living for God, don’t even bother to date him. It’s easy to fall prey to the trap from the enemy. Once you invest your heart in a man, it’s hard to let go.

5. Don’t date men who refuse to work or provide. Don’t be the one paying for everything. If he can’t pay his bills and be responsible for his money then he can’t take care of you. You will end up in heartache and disappointment. Your love will not change a man who is lazy or refuses to work. A good man will want to try his very best to provide for you.

6. Don’t consider dating a man you can’t follow. If he doesn’t honor elders, pastors, your parents or his- or the police and the law- You have no business being with him. A godly man will honor authority and he will honor God’s laws. How does he treat his mother ?   How does he treat his father ? Does he respect the law ? You don’t want to be stuck with a man who may be locked up in jail for 20 years.

7. If he’s constantly trying to change you or control you…run. Don’t look back. A man who really cares and loves you will accept all of you: your heart, character, soul, personality, and body. He will love you for your strengths and will even celebrate them. He will accept your weaknesses. He will value and appreciate you the way you are.

8. Don’t allow yourself to be a side dish. Don’t give him the ability to make you just an option. You are not a back pocket woman…You belong in the front -close to his heart. It’s you and nobody else. Men who have several women do not make good husbands. Don’t ever play the back and forth game….Your heart is not a toy… a yo-yo. Don’t let him yank you around. If he says he can’t decide which woman he wants, make the decision for him. Cut the string to your heart. You deserve better.

9. If he’s not quality now, he won’t be later. Women waste time and their hearts praying and waiting for him to change or come around. Save those tears, honey. He ain’t worth it. Let your tears be of joy on your wedding day because you invested your heart in the man God hand picked for you.

10. He treats your kids badly. He resents them. He acts like they are a burden….He’s not the one. A good man will love and embrace all of you. He will want to be a blessing in your kids lives. He will see and appreciate you all as blessings. Your kids deserve that. Don’t trade the affections of a man at the expense of your children. A good man will never ask you to do this.

11. Being a Ruth or abandoned Bride has not been easy for you. It’s been a long, hard journey. You have been so brave and so strong. You have carried the burden every day to provide for you, your kids and family members. Your days and nights have been filled with tears. A good godly man will appreciate and understand what you have been through. He will honor you and celebrate you. He will desire to make your life sweeter and brighter. He won’t add to your tears but wipe them away with his genuine love.

12. Wait on the Lord. Be strong and wait for God’s best.

Written by Taryn Naidoo

Be still



Be still and know that I am God

by taryn naidoo

Be still or child of mine , be still…be still as I sculpt your life according to my promise, be still….

Be still , as I refine you to a spotless stone , to be used as David used that stone to take down giants!

Be still….as I train you on how to use what you have to take down the enemy by the head as did your heorine Yael “Jael”

Be still or precious one ,for I see those tears , I have not forgotten you ,look your name is engraved in my hand ,

I see your pain.

Be still and know I am God , I am your God and my love flows deeper than any sea and will forever flow stronger than any wave……

As we enter 2019 , be still dear one while daddy works on your behalf,

While he prepares the path ahead. (Jeremiah 29 vs 11)

While shapes and repositions you strategically onto mountains of influence (psalms 29)

While he clears and reinforces his standard through you to  disembowel death with the Lord’s marvelous good will of eternal life (Amos 7:7-17 )

May the year 2019 be good to you while you are accelerated into a position of rest sitted in heavenly place with a mind soul and spirit at complete peace (Luke 8:22-25.)

Be blessed ..

By Taryn Naidoo

I hear the Lord’s whispering to His Bride today saying,“Will you draw near to Me?”

Life pulls at us to give our time, energy and focus to everything but stillness. It truly is the greatest wrestle for people. Taking time daily to be still and draw near to God is immediately met with a battle of distraction in the mind and heart.

I often begin my “drawing near time” by praying out of Philippians 4:7,

“Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

His peace comes to guard my heart and mind from distraction so that I can draw near.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…” James 4:8(a)

To draw near to someone takes intentionality. As a young mom in ministry, I had to set time aside daily to draw near to my children, to my husband and to my source of life, Jesus.

There is always the constant “need of others” vying for my time and attention. It takes time and certainly a maturing process but I learn that I was not other’s “Savior” and that when I drew away from everyone to draw near to God or my family, I was not neglecting or abandoning the call of God upon my life or my commitment to others.

There are times that I feel I face criticism and judgement to draw back but even Jesus knew when to leave the crowds to draw near to His Father or to His family (the disciples).

A number of months ago I heard the Lord calling me to “come away with Him to draw near to Him for an extended time.” It was at a time that my entire family was going on the December holiday ,I wrestled with the invitation to “draw near” because I knew that this time with our extended family was aexperience. But the Spirit was persistent and continued to whisper an invitation to “stay behind and draw near to Him.”

Finally, I spoke with my husband and quickly gave me time I went directly to my bedroom with my Bible and my journal to lay down on the floor to draw near to God.

Over the next three days God drew near to me in deep, constant intimacy. As I accepted His invitation to draw near to Him, He drew near to me with profound presence, amazing affections, deep intercession, refreshing and renewal. This time truly reset my life and my intimacy with Him.

The same is true with my husband and children. I tend to be very “single focused” and yet my life is always juggling a hundred different things. When I am doing a task it usually gets all of my attention and focus. This can be a good trait but for my family, who also needs my attention, it can be challenging. My kids (who are all still babies)

I never want Jesus to have to work hard to get my attention off the work of the Kingdom and back onto the King.

Intimacy is forged as we get still and draw near.

 “…fixing our attention on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of the faith, who, in view of the joy set before him, endured the cross, disregarding its shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2

We must take time to fix our attention on Jesus. We are being invited to draw near and give our undivided attention and affections to the One who gave His all for us.

“If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”

Colossians 3:1-3

It is vital to set our minds upon Jesus and intentionally devote time to drawing near to Him. It is then that you will find that He draws near to you in ways that sustain you, renew you, refresh you and draw you into abundant living.

He’s whispering an invitation to you, “Will you draw near to Me today?”

As you say yes, know that He will draw near to you!

In or out

Revelation 3 vs 15-16

Being lukewarm is saying that you are in a right relationship with God but living like you don’t. And God hates this. He would rather us be hot or cold because being lukewarm is seriously dangerous. It’s dangerous because you think everything is fine when you really have a huge lipstick stain on your tooth. You think you are in right relationship with God but He is ready to spit you out.

The only way to open our eyes to this dangerous condition is to look at our own reflection and honestly accept the truth about what we see. So if you’re ready for some self-reflection, here are 3 ways to know if you might be a lukewarm Christian.

1) You don’t seek God before making decisions.
One of the major aspects of the Christian life is trusting God to lead us. It’s a desire to see His will in our lives even over our own. This takes having the faith that God’s way is the best way. But because the lukewarm Christian doesn’t really believe this, they will always make their own decisions without consulting God. The lukewarm Christian makes a habit of leading their own life to what they think is comfortable and not following God. While in college I realized I was guilty of this. I wanted Jesus to be my savior but I did not want Him as my Lord. I wanted to do my own thing, but this was a clear sign of a lukewarm heart. If we truly want Jesus we don’t just want parts of Him, we want Him all.

2) Your friends don’t take your walk with Christ seriously.
Many times lukewarm Christians are only fooling themselves. Even their friends will see they are not really all in with Jesus. Others will not take your relationship with God seriously when they see you don’t either. And why should they? People will expect you to do what you’ve always done, not simply what you say. If your friends don’t believe what you are saying about your commitment to Jesus ask yourself, is it because your words don’t match your actions?

3) You want to know how far you can push the limit with God.
Lukewarm Christians will always want to put God to the test. Because they want to live with God and in the world, they will want to know how far they can push the limit before tipping over to one side or the other. They’ll want to know, how far they can get from God and still be ok with Him? But this is the wrong question. A sincere believer will not want to know how far they can get from God. They will want to know how close they can get to him.

The church will be the mother of NATIONS

IMG_1390Take it if you will KZN

Here with A prophetic message something completely reliable, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as a light shining in a dark place, (2 peter 1 vs 19)

“The church will mother the city of KZN, you will nurture my children into the likeness of my son Jesus, training my people the way they should go
The church needs to ready herself to receive the city for development for the city has turned its gaze toward my son and they seek answers from the one who calls them home ”

Mother Hagar vs mother Sarah – Galatians 4 vs 22-28
Two woman of Old Testament representing two covenants , Hagar represents the mother of flesh , for ishamael was a product of self reliance =legalism will not acquire the eternal non perishable inheritance from heaven for the children of Hagar have been nurtured together with very idiosyncratic attributes that represent those who see the light but chose to follow their own desire and leak their own ways rooted in well nurtured desires (john 8 vs 38-47) the Pharisees claimed to be children of Abraham Jesus rebuked them saying if you were his children you would not have evil intent toward me for Abraham knows of who I am
BUT listen in this analogy of society there are those who have tasted the truth and seek the spiritual milk for they have become lactose intolerant to her provender ,the word provender is symbolic of a cattle farmer, a person that cares for cattle, procurement / nourishment for cattle , society detest the procurement of the world for they tasted the crumbs of Jesus ,THE HARVEST is ready the sheep are coming (1 peter 3 vs 20) and
(1 Corinthians 15 vs 22)
Sarah represents the church and her children the second letter john wrote to the church he addressed , (2 john 1 – to the lady and her children whom I truly love , and I am not the only one ,all who know the truth know and love you ),the spirit of god has wrestled with many denominations of faith they are left with opened questions seeking gods chosen king, the church has a responsibility to answer these open questions I see
– nurturing sons and daughters of god
– Nurturing identity
– Nurturing godly ,supernatural encounters
– Restoring the Devine circuits between mankind and god
– Reconciling the desire of deep intimate relationship between god and man kind
Teaching endlessly as A sea so calm like A beautiful ocean with no end , treating the lost as family ,who knows the beginning , the end or depths , can it be calculated can it be measured , nurturing with this patients , this love this grace that can not be measured
God our father of faithfulness , as permanent is the ocean so to is his faithfulness
-god patiently teaching his children , patiently revealing his secrets, patiently administering understanding to accommodate deep profound wisdom that will now and for ever set the captives free .
– love so deep so pure so intimate I see mankind in embodied in a ocean of love
– I see mankind enveloped in a bottomless ocean of grace
– God is faithful to see his will through the church
(1 peter 5 vs 1-5)

The super natural eco system
The supernatural eco system will inhabit the earth and take dominion over 7 major areas of influence they will be invaded by Kingdom-oriented people for a supernatural eco system to take place. These areas of influence are
-Education. (Schools ,university’s)
-Media (including Electronic and Print).
-Government & Politics,they voices will be heard establishing righteous legislation in nations throughout the earth . (Ps 94 vs 15)
-Performing Arts (including creative, arts, entertainment and Sports).
-business (including medical ,Technological,engineering and creativity ) establishing kingdom businesses that will effect many lives.
People filled with the spirit of god will head prominent positions i see our people moving forth and dominating areas of influence filled with the non counterfeitable anointing
-kingly anointing
-statesman anointing
-the debrah anointing
-the Solomon anointing
And more that’s just scratching the surface , through the church he will fulfill his promise to make himself a people (gen 12 vs 1-3) and put his spirit within them (Ezekiel 36 vs 27), and write his law on their hearts (Jeremiah 31vs 33)

Your heart has been inscribed in ancient covenant
Throughout the generations we see the timeless never changing nature of a god who desires to reveal his fathers heart as he had inogarated since the creation of mankind, the resemblance of walking in the cool of the day with Adam exemplify his heart filled desire to love his children uniquely , covenants made with Adam, Noah, Abraham,Moses,Aron ,the priests, David and Jesus are all unique covenants made with one common thread , to tie up the gap between his desires and ours , so that by these promises you may participate in the Devine nature of a eternal god (2 peter 1 vs

The church orchestrating a revival so loosely with in her children allowing her kinder to wildly play with fire like well skilled archery out on the streets bringing up a generation of people to believe they are a royal priesthood demolishing the works of the enemy
A wild a raging hurricane released from KZN hitting all of South African invading the world relentless with man kind
KZN will have dominate influential nurturing roles in these countries

North eastern hemisphere
-African countries
-isalamic countries
-Asian countries
-european countries
-Vitican city

South eastern hemisphere
-South Africa
– Austria
– New Zealand

North Western Hemisphere
-North America

South west hemisphere
-South America

Naked and unashamed

Beauty spots , they come in all shapes and sizes , a spot on the body by Devine design a spot stratified by the creative follow of our father
I’m reminded of my little Irish twins, a year apart Isabella and Daniella , on one fine afternoon as it is every day a naidoo cleanliness bath routine , my little baby’s begin to examine each other’s body’s I think we’ll that’s fine as long as it’s not mine, can you imagine the embarrassment I would feel having to explain every stretch mark and all the imperfections that come with “age “,well Isabella identifies a black spot on her body she leaps out of toilet jumps around and sings hallelujah Jesus gave me a beautiful spot , Daniella now fully aware of this begins to examine her body to locate a beauty spot and to our surprise she didn’t have ,echoes of “he didn’t give me one fill the spaces of my bathroom and immediately the atmosphere changes from wild expressions of praise to the foul engagement of disappointment , Isabella embarrassed by Daniella reaction immediately feels ashamed of what god has given her , she storms out of the bathroom into the wardrobe she hides and covers up what she now what she feels so ashamed of ……

I guess you know where I’m going to with this …. the garden of eden ,gods very first institution of design not his creation, his institution of marriage , the words from gen 2 vs 25 screamed at me ” they were naked and unashamed ” this resonated so deeply with in me , that dad designed marriage to be a safe place to share our vulnerable innermost emotions, and not feel embarrassed of it , not feel embarrassed of our innocence not feel embarrassed that we have been out together with peculiar mannerisms that would some times offend our partners ,we established , it is better to hide in the wardrobe and cover up our shame as did my little 4 year old , cover up what god designed to stand out of the crowd we made ourself blend in and camouflage to disguise our distinguished design by god to fit the framework of our the worlds accepted standard of being ……

I’m taken a back to my own story of “naked and unashamed ”
A few years ago as Newly weds my husband and myself lived with his parent for a good period of our marriage, during this time we had daughter and I built myself a empire a well established health and beauty clinic here in the prestigious umhlanga of KZN South Africa, I been awarded top student offered my community the best standard of service ,I prided my self on academic influence and growth , our facility became the most preferred sought after clinic by choice , it then came a time when my husband was financially stable and he could afford building a mansion for me ( btw I couldn’t care less ) he set out construction for our home I set out constructing a bigger family for my new home , I became pregnant with my second child , I had every intention to return to my clinic but when I moved out into my new home I began to feel emotions I didn’t quite feel when I lived with my in laws I started growing as a mum as a wife I remember I having a hearty talk with my darling husband saying how much it is I enjoy being at home but I still want to have a career I wanted the best of both and I feel that this beauty grooming service is just not for me , Jesus intervened in a supernatural way , a miracle he blessed us with a way out of financial burden
With , aesthetic age reversal ,a machine that operates like magic wand,

The best of both worlds taken on full bloom , what a woman won’t give up to have my dream life , but then I felt ashamed , ashamed that I enjoyed what my dad blessed me with , my opportunity to be at home , the opportunity and freedom I have to grab breakfast with a girlfriend, the opportunity to work at leisure and still make more than I did when a owned the health and beauty clinic , the opportunity to grow with insurmountable love for my girls , I felt ashamed of this life filled with daddy’s favor I felt the devil black mailing with my past ,I felt so Un worthy I saw myself in a bag of garbage the black one here in KZN we use the black bin bags for our garbage , orange for the garden dirt and blue for the recycle able goods I wasn’t even in the recycle able goods I was in the garbage the kind that is used and thrown away , I remember feeling ashamed that I enjoyed spending my time with my girls ashamed that Jesus blessed us with a opportunity out of financial burdens but I choose to prioritize nurturing my children ,I felt shamed of my emotions ashamed that I wasn’t the every day woman . I felt embarrassed of been innocent, embarrassed of been vulnerable,embarrassed that the manner in which I’m training my children is different to this world , ashamed that I talk the kingdom talk, ashamed that i live from a heavenly perspective, I became all to ashamed and well embarrassed entertaining the devils black mails of my undignified broken past I began to allow those blackmails justify my accreditation of unmerited favor from my daddy , clearly every invisible desire of my father for me has been made manifest like those beautiful black beauty spots so how am I allowing disappointment to lure my joy……..

My past was magnified and it was like little black unattractive spots on a beautiful elegant ball gown , my past with its unfavorable nature and binding acts Disqualified me I became disappointed that I had a past that was so far fetched from the spiritual fruits I see come to fruition in my life ,that there is a complete disconnect between my past and the now, Satan tactics hasn’t changed much from the garden of eden ,master of seduction ,manipulation and lies when one places their vulnerability in the hands of the enemy he waters the vulnerability with lies and this producers actions that resemble the father of lies it leaks the demonic realm into the natural ,im reminded of romans 6vs 1 were Paul writes we are baptized into union with Jesus, the word union screams at me union a covenant a marriage a bride , because we abide in Jesus we bear supernatural fruit and we remain fruitful because he is fruitful because of our believe in gods only son can we face adversity with it’s encompassing deceit lies and failures ,raising a godly standard against those measures according to our birth marriage and union in our Jesus, our fruitful life embodies the eminence of the new creation in Jesus , Jesus doesn’t interest himself with our idols of the past he ordains us to envelope the majesty of his sacrificial promise so our blessings and gifts are not something we ought to feel ashamed and embarrassed of rather we should embrace those qualities and allow the glory of god to cover the earth as the waters cover the earth ,

Why has the world developed a strategic response to realign us to the heart of our father we are not here to be cultivated by the world we are here to cultivate the world to resemble our home our kingdom heaven , I hate the worlds reproach trying to correlate with the truth of the spirit, with its five step demeaning absolute approach
-1 fast and fast till you blue in the face ,
-2 pray and pray till you tongue falls off ,
-3 cry a river big enough to bath the israelites in ,
-4 wear fear like fancy outfit to a party ,
-5 strive strive and just keep striving,
when the truth nothing can keep us away from the love of our groom in romans 8 vs 38 , For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers,can keep us away from his love ,

.when we go to Jesus like the kings , queens, warriors and prophets of old did and lay out our dirty laundry we find ourself rooted in Jesus ( Hebrews 4 vs 16 ,
So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most) ,those beautiful innocent emotions the ones that make us feel naked ,flourish into godly links that carry the empowering presence of Jesus every were we go , what the world looks at as naked ashamed and cover up Jesus looks at and says my invisible amour positions you to take down the giant my invisible wisdom enables you to strategically devour the wicked as did Daniel my invisibility seems naked to,the world but they are deadly reformative cultivative weapons of destruction
Revelation 1 vs 5 he loves us and by his sacrificial death he has freed us from our sins and made us a kingdom of priests to serve his god and father